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    Introduce Wireless Intercom To Your Homes And Business

    Introduce Wireless Intercom To Your Homes And Business

    Introduce wireless Intercom Phone System to your homes and business and you will not need to drill holes through the wall to get the intercom wiring set up in all parts of the house. That means you can make all parts of your house or Business secured even without laying down a single cable connection anywhere in the premises.

    Gone are the days of needles entanglement in endless wires running through your building. Thanks to the development of Wireless Intercom systems, wired intercom is becoming a thing of the past.

    Not long ago, installing an intercom system also meant running a mass of wires between the intercom sub stations and the master station. In such an endeavor, the cost of the hardware was often equivalent to the intercom installation expenses.









    Key Features of  Wireless Phone Intercom System:-

    Multi-channel wireless intercom system
    Fully expandable to an unlimited number of intercom stations.

    Easy to Relocate from one Spot to another

    Inbuilt Power Backup Battery

    Add additional intercoms to your network as needs change.

    2-way digital wireless voice communication

    Transmission range is 1000 feet between units

    Connections are Digital and fully secure

    Paging function enables you to broadcast to all the stations in the location, and then speak to the responding station privately with a private, secured link

    Conference mode enables you to communicate with the entire intercom stations in the network.

    Ultra-clear sound quality

    Monitor mode features the most advanced voice activation Voice Operated Switch

    Allows you to customize sensitivity settings and avoid unwanted sounds

    Multiple monitor modes: single channel, all channels, room monitor

    Volume control

    Setup is extremely simple and can be done in minutes.

    Digital Spread Spectrum Technology for security and immunity to interference.

    If you’d like more information about our Wireless Phone Intercoms, please get in touch with a member of our team by calling 08025897223