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    Wireless Intercom Phone System

    Hiphen Solutions Wireless Intercom Phone System Can Effectively Communicate with Rooms and Offices Wirelessly without Running Cables and Punching through the Walls.

    Gone are the days of needles entanglement in endless wires running through your building. Thanks to the development of Wireless Intercom Phone System, wired intercom is becoming a thing of the past.

    Wireless Intercom Phone System

    Not long ago, installing an intercom system also meant running a mass of wires between the intercom sub stations and the master station. In such an endeavor, the cost of the hardware was often equivalent to the intercom installation expenses.

    • Wireless intercom system, No telephone wires needed, Save your telephone bills
    • Clear Voice and Secure Digital Communication. 433MHz working frequency, anti-interference signal. It needs no installation nor an installer, simply plug and use
    • Rechargeable battery built inside, works with or without electricity power
    • Long communication range, distance up to 800M depending on the environment
    • Can be placed on desk or mounted on any surface, horizontally on wall surface or vertically on any flat surface

    A wireless intercom system can be a convenient way to communicate throughout your house, office or warehouse. Two or more intercoms can be added. Unlike other walkie-talkies, this wireless intercom system is not publicly accessible. No one from outside can listen in or call you through the intercom, and you cannot contact anyone on outside channels. The intercoms can only be used to respond to one another within their communication system.


    • No need telephone wires: avoid the hassle of running cords from room to room.
    • Ease of use: pretty simple plug and play.
    • Scalability: support lots of units and channels, up to 99 units can be added to its system.
    • Long working range: up to 1,000 meters(3000 feet). Keep in mind that obstructions such as walls and windows will reduce effective range.
    • Clear communication: deliver sharp & clear voice for communication, no delay, no echo sounds.

    Wireless Intercom Phone System

    How to use?

    1. Simply plug and play.
    2. The intercoms ID code had been preset. the ID code is listed on the top right corner of intercom.
    3. Full charged the intercom or plug AC adapter to power socket directly, turn on switch at the bottom.
    4. Dial the ID nubmer(1, 2, 3) for which you want to call and press call button, the called intercom will rings, pick up and answer the call.

    Wireless Intercom Phone System


    Size: 217*112*70mm

    Wireless intercom range: 433MHz

    Power: DC 5V

    Built inside Li-battery: 3.7V 1100mA

    Standby current: 6.5mA

    Working current: 400mA

    Charging current: 300mA

    Adapter: Input AC 110V, Output DC 5V

    Adapter cable length: 1.5M / 4.9 feet


    With a wireless intercom system, everyone in your family or office can communicate effortlessly. This is not just a matter of convenience; in many cases, it is a about security and safety.

    Widely used for home, office, warehouse, workshop. Can be placed on desk or hung on wall.

    Wireless Intercom Phone System

    Key Features of Our Wireless Intercom System:-

    +Multi-channel wireless intercom system
    +Fully expandable to an unlimited number of intercom stations.

    +Easy to Relocate from one Spot to another

    +Inbuilt Power Backup Battery

    +Add additional intercoms to your network as needs change.

    +2-way digital wireless voice communication

    +Transmission range is 1000 Metres between units

    +Connections are Digital and fully secure

    +Ultra-clear sound quality

    +Allows you to customize sensitivity settings and avoid unwanted sounds

    +Setup is extremely simple and can be done in minutes.

    +Digital Spread Spectrum Technology for security and immunity to interference.

    Wireless Intercom Benefits

    A Wireless Intercom Phone System has two big advantages over a traditional wired one. The first is, as stated before, there is no need for running wires through your home or office which makes the installation far easier as there are no wires between intercom units. The second is mobility – you can move units according to your preferences whenever you want. Wireless intercom represents a great communication tool.

    The demand for a wireless intercom is high and shows signs of increment. And no wonder since a wireless intercom offers so many advantages. Days of running wires through thick wall and connecting everything are long gone. Compared to wireless technology, hard-wired one seems so obsolete. The wireless intercom technology is much like the cell phone technology.


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