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    Wall Reader Access Control

    Wall Reader Access Control for Opening gates, barriers or barrier-free access points.

    Wall Reader Access Control system is mainly used to give access to a certain room, office or building (depending on your application) to certain people. With the outdoor slim keypad, the VIS-3003, you can gain access through three different options. You can enter a pin code onto the keypad, use a proximity card, and/or use a proximity key tag. This keypad will allow up to 2000 users through either of the three access options. Since this is a standalone system, meaning that there is no software, it is recommended for you to keep a record of all personnel and their assigned user ID with key code, key card or key tag. On the keypad, you will notice a doorbell towards the bottom. This will allow people from the outside to ring the doorbell and notify those inside that there is someone wanting to come in. Once someone has entered a programmed code, card, or tag, the maglock will disengage and allow for entrance. The lock will then engage again and remain closed until it is unlocked by one of the three access options. The VIS-7005 exit button will allow those from within the facility to exit when they push the button. Through the outdoor keypad, you can program your delay from 0 to 99 seconds. The meaning of having a delay is setting a time until the maglock engages again. The popular applications for this kit is for offices, commercial buildings or any room that needs restricted access.

    Wall Reader Access Control







    Main Features:

    Metal structure, anti-vandal, simple & safe design
    Supports fingerprint & ID card
    Using the dark background imaging technique, make the dry/wet fingerprints are always easy to be recognized in the variant light conditions except the direct solar radiation
    Can add / delete the user’s fingerprints by manager fingerprints/cards very quickly
    Infrared remote control for programming
    Anti-magnetic, prevent opening door by magnetic illegally
    Built-in PIR (passive infrared) to wake up the device from sleep mode
    With Wiegand 26 input or output
    Supports: inter-connected; inter-locked, door ajar, forced, shunt, monitor, and secure mode
    Multi-function, can be used as a stand-alone access control and a RFID reader

    Wall Reader Access Control









    This fingerprint is anti-vandal design, it adopt the new dark background technology, making it easy to read the fingerprint even though under the direct sunlight
    Metal Structure: Environment friendly zinc alloy, makes it strong and durable
    Enroll Fingerprint Safely: The fingerprint identification has the advantage of unduplicated, and only identifies the valid fingerprint automatically
    Remote Control Operate: Operated by remote control, easy and convenient 1000 fingerprints and 2000 cards capacity

    Wall Reader Access Control

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