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    Tire Killer Road Spike

    Tire Killer Road Spike in Nigeria by HIPHEN SOLUTIONS SERVICES LTD.

    We are Nigeria’s No. 1 Supplier of Tire Killer Road Spike, Automatic Spike Barrier Access Control Security. Ideal for Airports, Banks, Embassies, Military, Customs.


    Tire Killer Road Spike Automatic Spike Barrier

     SPIKE BARRIERS have been developed for locations, which require very high security and a highly visual deterrent. The row of rising steel spikes will totally destroy the tyres and rims of any vehicle attempting unauthorized entry.           The operating speed of the spike barrier is up to 2 seconds.

    In ground Tire Killer Road Spikes
    Tire Killer Road Spikes

    Advantages of Tire Killer Road Spikes

     Fast raising and lowering time.

    Ideal for high security areas such as airports, bank depots, cash center, embassies, military establishments, customs, border crossings etc.

    Spike Barriers are robust, safe and can be installed in any road surface Can be integrated with boom barrier, gates.

    Can be fabricated in any size up to 4 metres width. Can be operated manually in case of power failure.

    Custom designed units such as hump style, plain surface


    security spikes
    Tire Killer Road Spikes




                                                                         The Driveway Road Spike:  TYRE KILLER is composed by heavy duty spikes that rise from the ground; it operates like an access control barrier, it prevents the passage of unauthorized vehicles or it allows the exit from a supervised area. It can be installed with other access control elements (for example bollards, road blocker or boom barrier gates) in order to achieve an access control check-point at the highest level of security.                                                                                    Many optional items are available for TYRE KILLER in order to configure each individual system.

    wrong way tire killer road spikes
    Tire Killer Road Spikes


    Tyre killer with mechanical movement, allows only the exit of vehicles from a supervised area and prevents the entrance to unauthorized ones; it is typically used for perimeter protection at the exit of companies, hotels, convention centers and similar.

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    in-ground traffic spikes





    • High security road spike barrier Suited for applications requiring high volume access and high levels of security
    • Available with recessed or surface mount design
    • Unique double sided spikes offer protection for traffic in any direction
    • Complete with combined logic and loop detector
    • Electronic interlock safely lowers spikes first and then raises the barrier arm
    • Available from 2.5m up to 6m.
    tyre killer road barrier, spike barrier
    Tire Killer Road Spikes