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    Solar Traffic Light

    Hiphen Solutions Solar Traffic Light system We have now introduce solar powered traffic signals using led based signal lights, instead of conventional incandescent lamps, As Solar Traffic Light consumes 90% less energy it makes system practically viable to operate Traffic signals maintenance free on eco friendly Solar Power and without electricity connections

     Solar Traffic Light45


    Solar Traffic System are Use solar panel,wireless control system,battery,12Vtraffic light modules are fully encapsulated to resist harsh weather conditions
    2.Low voltage load disconnect
    3.Sealed,lead-acid battery designed for deep discharge cycling
    4.NEC code compliant over-current protection and safety disconnect
    5.Temperature compensated battery charging
    6.Corrosion resistant control/batter enclosure
    7.Installation,operation & maintenance documentation
    8.Solid state electronics for improved difficiency and reliability
    9.Pre-assembled, pre-wired systems minimize field installation time & eliminate wiring errors
    10.Complete systems reduce specifying and buying time
    11.Quality components assure long system life
    12.Full system and performance warranty available on prepackaged systems

    2. CONTROLLER of solar traffic signal light:
    The controller feature full protective functions for overcharge, low battery state of charge (SOC), over current, over-voltage and over temperature.Status LEDs display battery SOC and system status. In addition, the control algorithm utilizes voltage, temprature and amp-hour measurements to enable an accurate determination of the SOC, the most critical system parameter, and adjusts charging current and voltage for the temperature, capacity and age of the battery.

    3.BATTERY of solar traffic signal light:
    Completely sealed, valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) .Absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology .Maintenance free-never wide operating temperatures from -40F (-40C) to 160F (72C).
    4.Solar Energy and Technical Parameter(solar traffic signal light)

    5.The Total System Consists of :

    • wireless solar traffic controller, 1 mast and 4 slaves
    • 200mm vehicle traffic light,
    • 200mm pedestrian traffic light,
    • 45W solar panel with solar regulator
    • 65Ah solar battery

    Hiphen Solutions ,solar Traffic light andLED Tube Light and LED Street Light design and development team. Strict  ISO9001:2000  quality  control  system,  modern administration  model,  perfect  marketing   network  and  pre- to  after-sale   service  system  are reliable assurance of good
    quality, enterprise speedily development. And we have several production lines to guarantee enough production capacity.

    A Traffic light rating system is a system for indicating the status of a variable using the red, amber, or green of traffic lights.The junction traffic program by LED traffic signal lamps and traffic signal controller, intersection traffic lights programT-shaped and crossroads .The following programs are two simple examples of the junction traffic:

    T-shaped crossing program:

    solar traffic light

    T-shaped crossing program of LED traffic light including: LED pedestrian with countdown traffic light,full ball with arrow traffic light,LED Traffic countdown timer and traffic signal controller.

    solar traffic light

    Operating temperature

      -15 ~ +40

    Flicker Frequency




    Luminance Ratio


    Continuous of Rain Working Day

        7 days

    Working Volt


    Working Current


    Visual Range

        500 m

    Assemble Way


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