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Road Speed Bumps


Speed Bumps/Humps prevent speeding in certain road sections that require slow driving speeds, and restrict the entrance of cars to residential areas or school districts.

General Description

Rubber Speed Bump – Middle Section – 1000 x 350 x 70mm

The rubber speed bump segments measure 1000 x 350 x 70mm and are made of strong and durable rubber. They feature fluorescent yellow markings.


The rubber speed bump can be placed on a street or parking lot to clearly and physically separate parking spaces. The speed bump makes the wheel stop or slow on any vehicle passing over it. The speed bump is resistant to the elements, and its yellow markings provide optimal visibility.


The rubber speed bump can be used in any parking situation where spots need to be outlined for safety, organization and flow purposes. Because of its long life and ability to make the wheel stop, it is a reliable long-term solution for parking issues and safety concerns.

Technical Details

Material:      Rubber

Type: Speed Hump

Section:       Middle Section

Length:        1000 mm

Width:         350 mm

Height:        70 mm

Caps size:350*180*70mm

Color: Yellow & Black

Weight: 17kg per Metre

Packing: two meters in a polybag

Installation holes: 8 for each Mid Section/ 2 for Each End Section

Product Features

Slow down vehicle traffic safely and effectively

Durable rubber construction

Yellow embedded EPDM rubber strips that will not break, crack or fade

High visibility with (8) reflective beads for low light areas

Protect and cover cables with dual channels

Skid resistant surface

Mounting holes for permanent installation on asphalt or concrete

Modular design, place multiple middle sections side by side to span the width of roads, parking lots and more!

Excellent for residential, commercial, industrial areas, parks, sporting venues and hospital/school zones

Great for temporary public events, sporting venues and gatherings

End Sections (sold individually) easily attach to middle section

Quick assembly

Mounting Holes (4) x 1-1/2″D Countersink

1/2″D Mount Hole

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