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    RFID Warehouse Management System

    Hiphen Solutions RFID Warehouse Management System are extremely valuable for warehousing operations. RFID tags present very flexible reading capabilities, and RFID Systems are becoming more and more innovative. The applications of RFID today are astonishing. Many different and new RFID applications are written about on the internet each day. Everyday people and companies are finding new and innovated ways to use RFID.

    RFID Warehouse Management System

    The implementation of RFID technology has improved operational efficiency and productivity in distribution centers and warehouses around the world. RFID technology typically complements data capture technology (like barcodes) already utilized in warehouse and distribution centers.

    RFID in Warehouses

    Warehousing RFID systems will return numerous significant benefits. One of the factors making RFID technology a great resource for the warehousing industry is that tags do not require a line of sight as bar codes do, they are orientation independent, and can also be read unattended. Unattended means that a warehouse works does not need to be present to pull a trigger in order for a reader to read an RFID tag. RFID readers can be set up in read zones that automatically monitor and record all movements for certain areas of the facility such as a shelf, secure storage areas, a dock door, or container yard. Eliminating the need to scan items in a warehouse will save tremendous amounts of time and item movement will be automatically recorded improving inventory control and shipping accuracy.

    RFID Warehouse Management System

    Benefits of RFID in Warehouse and Distribution

    • Reduce labour costsDecrease primary warehouse worker functions including everything from inventory to pick/pack/ship to put away.
    • Increase inventory accuracyImprove receiving efficiency and accuracy as well as picking and ordering accuracy.
    • Reduce inventory stock levelsImprove stock and demand generation visibility.
    • Reduce unsaleable and out-of-stock itemsLeaner and lower levels of inventory mean faster inventory turns and less stagnant stock.
    • Improve customer satisfactionEnsure the right goods reach the right customer at the right time.

    Fully Integrated Warehousing RFID Solutions

    Hiphen Solutions will design and integrate warehousing solutions to integrate RFID technology into current operations based on a company’s specific needs.  From start to finish, Hiphen Solutions, will piece together the Software, Hardware, and Integration Services to create a cost-effective RFID Solution that will pay for itself over and over again, maximizing the Return on Investment.

    rfid warehouse management system

    RFID in Receiving

    In receiving, items, cases and/or pallets traditionally used barcodes, which workers had to scan one by one. With RFID, those items can be read all at once by a portal reader placed at the dock door as they are unloaded from the truck.

    Unloading an inbound container, for instance, which may take about two and a half hours to individually scan, sort, and count cartons, may now take less than half an hour with RFID-tagged cartons.

    Using a WMS (warehouse management system), items can be cross docked for immediate transport or staged and stored.

    In terms of increasing worker productivity, imagine picking operations where workers scan shelves and bins with an RFID reader to automatically detect the storage location of the sought items. Readers would also automatically detect items stored in the wrong location and alert operators to the problem. Using RFID for these applications enables items to “self-report” their locations, rather than requiring workers to find them, thus reducing errors, saving labor, and lowering costs. The benefits of this application alone are great, then add other common warehousing applications that can benefit and it is easy to see why more and more companies are integrating RFID systems into warehousing operations.

    Another great benefit is that RFID technology provides multi-read capabilities. Image the time that can be saved from not having to break down pallets or cases to scan and record products as they are received.  Take a pallet containing multiple products of different quantities. When each item on the pallet has a RFID tag on it as the pallet moves though dock door with a RFID reader fixed in place, all items and quantities are immediately recorded and inventory levels are automatically updated in the management system without a worker having to enter any information or scan each item.

    rfid warehouse management system

    In addition, RFID systems can be programmed to monitor business rules so that alerts will be sent if certain conditions are present, such as items being moved after hours, unusual transaction volume, or others depending on the operations of a company. RFID systems can be integrated into warehouse management system (WMS) asset management and other software applications. Warehousing operations will receive tremendous benefits from RFID systems that are properly integrated.

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