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    RFID technology to track files/documents

    PA System

    Hiphen Solutions offers the latest RFID technology to track files/documents in Nigeria.

    RFID technology has led to a revolution in document tracking. It is especially useful in scenarios where the documents are of high value to the organization and the loss of which can impact profitability heavily.

    Each resource is affixed with tags and its information is mapped to the tag id.

    Readers are the device that sense tags and they are stationed at strategic locations like entrance/exits; server rooms; labs etc and they are connected with the internal network.

    The readers interrogate the tags when they come in the vicinity and send the information to the central server where the information is converted into business logic.

    Using the document management software, the information can be viewed from any where in the globe.


    The Basic Idea of RFID to Track Documents is as follows:-

    Each document is tagged with an RFID tag in the form of an adhesive label.

    Staff may also be issued RFID cards as identification for checking of documents.

    Handheld readers may be moved over shelves, piling cabinets or piles of documents to take quick inventory or to locate any misplaced document.

    Benefits of File/Document Tracking Solution:-

    Effective Document Tracking Mechanism

    Improves Inventory Management

    Cost Reduction

    Frequent Stock Taking Possible

    Automated Tracking of Assets

    Track Mobile Assets

    Provides Security

    Track and Locate Files Confidently


    Whatever your business – legal, medical, education, insurance, accounting, mortgage, government – a file track and trace system gives you the tools and technology to systematically track, locate and manage your files. It’s quick and easy using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The results: increased productivity, reduced costs, enhanced professionalism and improved client service.

    In offices – large or small, the RFID Tracking System tracks files as they move around the office, to offsite locations and back to the office. Don’t loose valuable time rummaging through boxes, stacks of papers and files cabinets to find the missing file. The RFID Tracking System allows users to monitor files and know their location when the file is needed.

    • The confidence of locating files quickly and effortlessly.

    • It’s deadline time, and the critical file loaded with highly sensitive client information is missing. Turn the office upside down. Send a few emails. Try not to sound panicked. Has it been misplaced? Lost? Misfiled? You can’t bring yourself to speculate about the consequences.

      With the our RFID File Tracking System, you can stop this nightmare from happening.

      Whatever your business:– legal, medical, insurance, accounting, mortgage, government, the our RFID File Tracking System gives you the tools and technology–as a standalone system or integrated into an existing network–to systematically track, locate and manage your files.

      It’s quick and easy using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The results: increased productivity, reduced costs, enhanced professionalism and improved client service.

    • Within each guaranteed* tag, opportunities for success.

    • With the RFID File Tracking System, each file is labeled with a durable, dependable, tag. If a file’s been misplaced, you can locate it quickly with a sweep of the Handheld Tracker. When a file is checked out, the system will update its location and history of its physical movements. It’s a totally integrated solution with components that work together effortlessly and can be deployed seamlessly.

      mated Tracking of Assets

      Track Mobile Assets

      Provides Security


    Track and Locate Files Confidently


    For every file tracking and records management challenge, Hiphen Solutions works with you to develop a comprehensive RFID solution that…

    Saves time

    RFID file tracking means early discovery of misplaced files, and less searching for lost files.

    Promotes efficiency

    RFID solutions help manage expensive file room space and increase high-value activity.

    Deploys easily

    RFID solutions leverage innovative history of seamless integration into existing systems and networks.

    Secures sensitive records

    RFID technology helps reduce the risk of compromising confidential information.

    Tracks irreplaceable files

    Files are accounted for and data can be monitored from multiple locations.

    Helps ensure compliance

    RFID solutions simplify the check-in and check-out process to help safeguard information.

    • Handheld Scanner / Reader

    • CCTV
    • The File Tracking System uses UHF Handheld Reader for the purpose of shelf management and location files or document.In the case of a Large File Storage Room, people find it very difficult to locate a file.The UHF Handheld Reader solves this problem with which you can locate a file very easily and it gives a beep when it finds the file you are looking for.

      It is a portable device with an antenna and rechargeable battery that reads tagged files, identifies filing errors and expedites inventory. Stores file inventory in memory, allowing you to complete inventory up to 200% faster than traditional methods.

    • Search lists (including missing files) can be loaded into memory to find specific files. With a sweep of the office on a regular schedule, your files will remain inventoried and maintained.

    RFID UHF Tags


    RFID UHF tags are pasted on the document or document folders and they work as the identity of the Document in the File Tracking System.

    Books are issued, returned and tracked on the basis of these tags only. They are sticker type paper labels which can be stuck easily on the document with the industrial adhesive.

    Attached to each file, this reprogrammable tag allows you to electronically locate missing files, manage inventory and track a file’s history. The tag is automatically read by the reader or the Handheld Tracker, making identification as easy as waving a wand.

    Using the individual file tag information, you can search for specific files with the handheld tracker.

    RFID Tracking Software


    The intuitive software system is an integrated part of the RFID system, and the graphical interface allows users to effortlessly locate files, track file history, program tags, import and export information to the Handheld Tracker–and much more.

    The software can be installed as a separate system or integrated into your records management software.

    • Gate Sensors (Pedestal Antenna)

    • CCTV
    • Gate Security Antennas are installed at the key entry and exit points in the File Tracking System Setup. They are installed to ensure unauthorized movement of files.Whenever an unauthorized movement is detected, it is sensed by these gate security antennas and it initiates an alarm.