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Remote Controlled Boom Barrier

Remote Controlled Boom Barrier Access Control Security System in Nigeria by Hiphen Solutions Services Ltd.

Remote Controlled Boom Barrier Access Control Security System

We are Nigeria’s No.1 Supplier of Remote Controlled Boom Barrier Access Control Security System. Automatic rising arm barriers play an essential role in regulating and restricting the flow of trafficeverywhere, making reliability a key requirement. Reliability and longevity are built into all Hiphen Solutions Security barriers.

Remote Controlled Boom Barrier Remote Controlled Boom Barrier

Similarly, when visitors arrive, barriers are often their first contact with the company, so appearance is important. This is reflected in the design of all Hiphen Solutions Security barrier products. Whether the requirement is for a simple, low-cost barrier for relatively low volume usage, a heavy duty barrier for frequent operation, or a motorized barrier that can operate at high speeds for particularly busy premises, Hiphen Solutions Security will manufacture and install a system designed to exactly meet your needs.

Functions and Features:

  • Advanced manual clutch, Auto-reset when power on.
  • Both compression spring and extension spring are suitable for the motor. The compression spring can avoid accidents caused by broken spring due to great force.
  • Remote controllers control boom rising, falling and pausing.
  • Reversing on obstacle
  • Infrared Photocells (optional)
  • Support the external and internal Vehicle Loop Detector (optional)
  • Interfaces for opening, closing and pausing
  • RS485 Communication module
  • Traffic light interface
  • Wire control (switch signal)/Romote control 22OV MHz

Remote Controlled Boom Barrier

Manual Release

  1. Machine core with compression spring, effectively avoids the accidents caused by spring breaking.
  2. Die-casting aluminum alloy motor, precision and good at thermal radiating.
  3. Motor cooling fan, solving the problem of heat-protection
  4. Double safety limit switches (photoelectricity limit switch/motor memory sensor).
  5. Reversing on obstacle.
  6. Auto-closing.
  7. Support the INFRARER PHTOCELL for anti-bumping function (optional)
  8. Support the external and internal VEHICLE LOOP DETECTOR (optional)
  9. Traffic light interface
  10. Wire control (switch signal)/ Remote control (418MHZ)
  11. RS485 communication module (optional)
  12. Opening and closing takes anywhere between 1 sec – 6 sec.


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