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Push Button Paging System

Push Button Paging system lets customers control their shopping experience by paging for assistance when needed—resulting in happier customers and higher profits Improve Service & Customer Experience

Push Button Paging System

School Calling System

Students call different kind of assistance by press the transmitter. For example, press the button to call IT, NURSE, GUARD, CLEANER, TEACHER….,

Students in dormitory call dorm staffs for any kind of assistance…

Factory Calling System

Staff on production flow may need assistance from technician, materials, Maintenance, Manager.., he can press a button to get help without loud speak.

Supermarket Paging System

Counter Teller press a button and the counter number flashing to tell customer come here to checkout

Customer usually need help to find out a product on shelves, he or she can get help by just pressing buttons on different shelves.

Bank Calling System

Counter can press a button near him or her to get authorization from manager, or call bank guard quietly in dangerous situation

Hotel Customer Paging System

Customer in hotel room can press a button to call different person for different service.                                                    Such as call waiters for checkout, call cleaner, call for drink, call for washing clothes….

Service Manager can appoint waiters to offer service for guest in certain rooms.

Cinema or Theater Customer Call for Service

Audience can press a button on his or her seat to get help from working staff

Clinic Calling System

Patient can press a button near him or her to get help from nurses

Doctor can call different nurses by press buttons near him

Doctor or Nurse can call patient in waiting line for attendance by press queue keyboard

Family Use Emergency Call System

Old people, Children, Pregnant can press buttons in any room for helping from families or maid.  The receiver will show the button position properly.

Push Button Paging System

button on the transmitter to:

  •  Call the Waiter/server to the table
  • Ask for the bill for payment
  • Request a manager to visit the table


Benefits include:

  •  Increases check average
  •  Improves customer experience
  •  Increases table-turns
  •  Gives waiters/servers or managers the opportunity

to respond to customer concerns, turning

a potentially bad experience into a

good experience

  • Guests feel confident that their needs will be met with Push
  • Button Paging. You will be confident that you are providing
  • excellent customer service resulting in quicker table turns
  • and happy customers, both leading to increased sales.

Personalized Customer Experience

Push Button Paging System

Empower your customers to experience shopping at your store, their way, with Push Button Paging retail system. Simply with the push of a button on the transmitter, customers can call an associate for assistance any time or request for the manager to resolve an issue.

With Push Button Paging, your staff can deliver exceptional, personalized customer service. Or use Push Button Paging for your staff to communicate with each other and management without leaving their station.

Push Button Paging helps you be more profitable.

Efficient paging by the customer reduces labor cost and keeps your staff more productive.

With Push Button Paging, your associates and managers have the opportunity to respond to customers immediately, meet their specific needs, turn a potential bad experience into a positive one, and reduce the check-out time.

Count on Push Button Paging to eliminate long lines and keep customers happy

Features & Specifications

UHF Technology

>> U p to 1/4 mile of coverage
>> Perfect for large stores with multiple levels
Unique System ID

>> Unique system ID to eliminate conflicts and overlapping messages with nearby stores
Push Button Paging Transmitter
>> Easy for customer to use
>> Option to customize the messages
>> Option to customize the label graphics for your store
>> Easy to sync transmitters to associate pagers Pagers

>> 3 options available: . Watch Pager (1 AAA battery) . Belt Holster Pager (1 AAA battery) . Manager Pager (rechargeable alpha pager)
>> Pagers can flash, vibe, or beep to alert associate
Smart Charging

Transmitters charge in 2 hours
>> Transmitters only require charging about once per month
>> Smart charging avoids over-charging the battery and extends battery life
>> Transmitter battery life is 3-5 years

Push Button Paging Highlights:

>> Simple Self-Installation
No electricity is required. No WiFi is used.

>> Easy-to-Use System
Simply sync the transmitter to the associate and manager
pagers to assign unit. A quick, 2-step process allows you to
reassign unit on the fly.

>> Rechargeable
Unlike the competitor’s systems, Push Button Paging
transmitters are rechargeable.

>> Completely Wireless
No messy wires or electrical cords.

>> No Software Required
There’s no need for expensive, complicated software licenses
to set-up and use Push Button Paging, keeping the cost of
ownership down.

> Small Footprint
Push Button Paging transmitters stack neatly, saving you
counter space and reducing clutter.


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