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    Hiphen Solutions Parking posts are designed to reserve & secure your private car parking space at your home or business location to prevent

    unauthorized parking into your private bay. Our range of discount drop down or fold down car parking security posts will allow you to take back the control of your private parking space and give you the peace of mind that your  parking bay will be clear for you whenever you need to park.The drop down posts will leave a flush finish with the ground when they are lowered,whilst the fold down posts will lay above and on the ground level when lowered. You will need to consider the maximum ground clearance available for your particular vehicle when purchasing a particular type of parking security post. You then need to decide on how you would want it to be fixed to the ground and also on how you would prefer to be able to lock it.


    They can be surface fixed, installed below the ground or have a short spigot base attachment to provide a shallow underground anchor to give added stability and strength. They are available with either an integral lock or a detachable padlock. The various shapes, colours and styles available, allow for complete flexibility in helping you decide which is the right type of post for you. We are also able to offer you a one price fitting deal for every product to any location within