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    Parking Counting System

    Hiphen Solutions Parking Counting System keeps track of the available spaces in each zone and updates the displays accordingly

    Parking Guidance Parking    wq

    Wireless parking solution vehicle counting system

    The entry and exit points of the zones are equipped with sensors, which are typically ultrasonic or loop detectors, but can also be photoelectric sensors.

    Parking Counting System

    For optimized accuracy, two sensors can be used at each detection point thereby allowing detection of the vehicle’s direction. In addition, there can be multiple entry and exit points for each floor or zone allowing monitoring of even complex garage layouts. The sensors are linked  via our Dupline 3-wire bus. The built-in web-server makes it easy to monitor and adjust the zone count values simply by using the browser of your laptop or smart phone.

    Counting can also be combined with space-by-space monitoring to form a hybrid system. This is common in parking garages that have roof-top parking and it isn’t economically feasible to put inductive ground loops at each parking space. Rather, the entry and exit points will have vehicle sensors that will count and subtract cars entering and exiting – even cars going the wrong way.

    Parking Counting System

    The video parking guidance system is to carry out real-time capture of the parking information of the parking spaces by installing the video parking detection terminal in front of each parking space of the parking lot and transmitting the captured parking image information to the video node controller through the network cable Identification, and then identify the completion of the parking status to the video parking lot detection terminal integrated indicator for red / green conversion display, and with the central controller to communicate.

    Parking Counting System


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