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    Hotel Card Locks


    Hiphen Electronic Lock which is designed especially for Hotels & Resorts brings new using experience to the guests and hotel owners.

    Can Effectively Secure and Manage Door Access to Hotels, with Programmed Check-In and Check-Out Date and Time to give Guests and Owners Peace of Mind.

    Electronic Locks are a new and improved way of being able to access a room or home without having to use a bulky key, this kind of lock is opened with a PVC Smart Card or RFID Access card, simple and light just like a credit card

    HIPHEN™ RFID (radio frequency identification) solutions offer a contactless convenience that is second to none. A complete range of RFID locks from full body mortise locks to sectional trim locks have been designed to respond to the security needs of any Hotel or Property on any budget.

    Our RFID locks read and write to a variety of MIFARE credentials as well as near field communication (NFC) equipped cell phones and devices.




        • All unlocking events will be saved and tracked available and operators action in system will be force saved.
        • Operators authority could be customized completely.
        • There will be no over staying
        • No unpaid staying
        • No staff stealing, Cheating or Side Jobs.

    High efficiency-

        • Powerful room search filter, search out the proper rooms in .
        • Issue card in 9sec.
        • Keyboard operating available.

    Low cost-

    • Software support most popular Microsoft OS including Win2000/2003/XP/Vista
    • No need use to use a popular or top configuration computer.
    • All cards programmed could be erased and cycle used.

    Easy use-

    • Easy read icons and letters show room status by large block.
    • Mouse and keyboard for all operation.


    Increased high security request in buildings all over the world requires the high security lock solution. It is not enough for the lock keep out unwanted persons. The is also very important to know ‘When and Who entered Which room’.

    In traditional lock, you could not know ‘When and who entered which room’ or you can know it just after it happened. It is useless in some cases because it is too late.

    In Hiphen Networked lock, you could know ‘When and who entered which room’ by live time. This is a revolution of a lock installed on a normal wooden door.

    You do not need renew your doors to equip a big and huge access control system including the door controllers, access readers.

    In the networked lock solution, you can enjoy managing each door likes you do it on your Computer network workgroup, thereby making surveillance very easily.

    Generally Hiphen Networked lock brings you a system based on RFID keycard plus live controlling & surveillance.

    It is especially for the high security and high efficiency management of staffs required environment such as office, school, government and hotel.

    Door Lock Specifications

    • Stainless steel panel with plating
    • ANSI 5 latch mortise include deadbolt
    • 800 latest lock events saved
    • Built-in real-time clock and flash memory
    • Built-in buzzer and self-detect light
    • Support contactless MIFARE 1K S50 card (ISO 14443A)
    • Powered by 4 x AA battery (LR6)
    • Free engage outside handle
    • Easy release-Inside handle makes deadbolt and latch
    • retracted together
    • Low power alarm, keeps last 200 times unlocking chance
    • Deadbolt override by card option available
    • Mechanical cylinder and key override

    Energy Saving Switch


    • Benefits

    • With the development of human civilizations and modern cities, the consumption of energy increases.
    • A lot of energy is wasted every day. It’s urgent and beneficial to savings on Electricity Bills and improves the efficiency of using energy.
    • The Energy Controlled Unit known as the ECU, is as small and light weight as a light switch on the wall.It is designed to cut off electric energy supply for some or all of the electrical outlets within a room or particular area so when this area is not being utilized, it helps saving power and using less power.
    • This unit can be installed within a group of rooms, and outdoor living area, or a normal home or office space.

      When your card is inserted into the ECU, it automatically starts up the power in the room, or whichever power source it is connected to. And when

      the card holder draws out card while leaving the room, power is cut off immediately.





    Collect Lock Events



    Lock Events Records