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    Hand Held Metal Detector

    Hand Held Metal Detector are devices used to find weapons such as guns, knives and ammunition that may cause terror and panic. Hand Held Metal Detector Body scanning can be conducted wherever there is a need for detailed, accurate and fast examination of people in a controlled area — government buildings, military or civic installations, and vital commercial processing and storage centers which may be targeted by terrorists.

    Hand held metal detector (GARRETT )

    * With super high sensitivity, it can detect extremely tiny metal articles

    * The adjusting button can eliminate interference.

    * The auto-testing will begin when it is turned on. It needn’t adjustment.

    With a large scan area it can rapidly and accurately complete the detection.

    * Working frequency: 95 KHZ

    * Adjusting mode: Automatic

    * Indicator: The sound gradually rises.

    * Alarm modes: Simultaneous sound and light alarm


    Hand held metal detectors (SUPER SCANNER)

    * It equipped with leather case, it can be operated simply and portable

    * It can be charged

    * It is the first model to adopt the automatic reset function switch to change sensitivity.

    * It can adjust sensitivity

    * Working power supply: 6F22ND 9 V battery (alkaline battery, rechargeable battery)


    Product Specification & Features:

    This handheld metal detector is used commonly for “bomb/landmine detection” which are widely used in military demining arms.

    * Highly sensitive, it can easily detect pin-sized metal articles

    * Its sensitivity can be adjusted according to the on-site requirements

    * Indication of low battery voltage (LED light is always on)

    * There are two kinds of alarms, including sound & light and vibration

    * Alarm modes: sound & light, vibration (switch)


    Hand held metal detectors (SUPER WAND)

    * With super high sensitivity, it can detect extremely tiny metal articles

    * It can accurately detect all tiny metal articles

    * Sound and vibration alarm are optional

    * Control part: ON, OFF, vibration

    * Indicating part: Red light indicates alarm; green light indicates power

    and yellow light indicates low voltage

    * Working power supply: 6F22ND 9 V battery (alkaline battery, rechargeable battery


    It features advanced structure design concept, unparalleled streamline shape rich in rhythm

    * It features large and even detection working area, super high sensitivity, simple and convenient operation.

    * One need not adjust its detecting sensitivity by simply choosing the high

    or low sensititvity range

    * The sound & light and vibration alarm can be switched by one button.

    * It handle has adopted the anti-slip technique

    * It has adopted the world advanced wireless transmission charging technology with self-dominated intellectual property right

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    Hand Held Metal Detector Security Device