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First Aid Kits Box
First aid kit
First aid kits Box

The Basics:
Adhesive bandages
Antibacterial ointment
Anti-diarrheal medication
Aspirin/Aspirin alternative
Cloth wraps and tape/clips/safety pins
Eye drops
Flashlight with lots of batteries or one that is solar powered
Rubbing alcohol
Water sanitizing tablets


No matter how careful we may be, accidents happen. Whether you cut your finger preparing the dinner, or a child falling in the garden. This versatile kit has a wide selection of equipment that can be used effectively for all common injuries.


In any busy workplace there are bound to be minor injuries and accidents. This 90-piece first aid kit’s compact size allows it to fit easily within a desk drawer for quick access. It contains all the necessary equipment to deal with any common workplace incident.

Sports & Outdoors

When playing sports or living an active lifestyle, cuts, bumps and bruises are common occurances. We have included everything from antiseptic wipes to clean dirt from wounds to an emergency foil blanket perfect for cold weather incidents.


The kits compact size allow it to easily fit in the glove compartment of your car or in your trunk. This ensures you are fully prepared in the event of an accident or injury whenever you leave the house.


  • AAA QUALITY:  With the backing of the most trusted name in the automotive industry, you know you are getting only the highest quality safety products with this AAA branded 1st aid kit!
  • ESSENTIAL SAFETY COMPONENTS:  With 85 essential preparedness items; from an emergency whistle to simple bandages, this quality first aid kit will keep you ready to treat minor cuts and scrapes that occur while on the road or at home.
  • PORTABLE:  Our one of a kind hard shell foam carry case keeps your first aid supplies organized and is lightweight and compact enough to store easily in your auto glovebox, or your backpack for outdoor adventures like hiking, backpacking, skiing.
  • ISO CERTIFIED: Lifeline First Aid, the exclusive licensee of the AAA brand for automotive first aid and safety product is ISO certified, so you know when you purchase our first aid kits you are getting only the highest quality, FDA compliant, safety product.
  • IDEAL MEDKIT: With over twenty years of experience building automotive safety and first aid product, you can rest assured that our kits are the ideal mix safety product.


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