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    Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock

    Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock in Nigeria by Hiphen Solutions Services Ltd. Can Effectively Secure and Manage Door Access to Hotels, with Programmed Check-In and Check-Out Date and Time to give Guests and Owners Peace of Mind.

    When Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock security counts, you can count on Hiphen Hotel Door Locks


    Hiphen Solutions provides electronic locks and electronic locking systems to the hospitality industry including: guestroom locks, with both magnetic-stripe and smart card lock technology. It offers high security and installs easily in place.

    Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock

    Hiphen Solutions Services Ltd’s Hotel Lock System™ is a system based on personal computer and RFID proximity card and lock.

    It offers a high efficiency, security and easy way to manage the rooms rent.

    Advanced Fingerprint Identification

    Everyone’s fingerprint is unique and no one can steal it from you. Our advanced fingerprint technology uses a scratchproof, dustproof and waterproof sensor to make unlocking easy and secure. 95 fingerprints can be enrolled. Identifies you in less than 0.5 second and works well for kids and the elder.

    Anti-peep Password

    “Anti-peep password” ensures that strangers can’t steal your password by looking at worn-out keypad digits or watching you nearby when you enter the password. This function allows the user to type in any number of random digits, and can still gain access as long as the 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.

    Knock / Shake to Open

    Knock to Open: You don’t have to open app. Just knock on your phone four times, even when it’s in your pocket and you’re in. (For iOS only).

    Shake to Open: You can just wakeup your smartphone’s screen and shake your phone to unlock your door. No need to open U-tec app. (For Android only).



    We supply and install highest quality keypad electronic door locks , deadbolt, fingerprint, and even remote control door locks for your various door lock needs.

    Though advanced, these locks are not lacking in mechanical prowess, built for home and office use. Whether you’re shopping for keyless or deadbolt door locks, fingerprint locks or even remote control keypad door locks.



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