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Elevator Lift System
Elevator Lift System

Elevator Lift System

A Passenger Lift is designed to carry people from point A to Point B vertically. The passenger lift is a simple means of transport within a building from one floor to the other. Passenger elevators capacity is related to the available floor space. Generally, passenger elevators are available in typical capacities from 3 TO 26 Passenger and speed varying between 0.5 Meter/sec to 2.5 Meter/Sec. Choice of passenger lift typically depends on type of building (Commercial, Residential, Hotel, Mall, Housing society etc.,) and parameter such as passenger traffic movement. Based on budget manual door or auto door is fitted on passenger Lift. Elevator Lift System

Features of Elevator Lift System :

    Adjustable Door Opening & Closing Time

    Alarm Button

    Attendant button

    Direction Arrow and Position Indicator on all Stops

    Home Landing

    Phase Failure and Phase Reversal Protection

    Repeated Door Closing in the event of Lock Failure

    Door Protection by Light Beams (2 Beams)

    Door Protection by Light Curtain

    Emergency Lighting

    Overload Indicator

    Compulsory Stop

    Duplex, Triplex, Control

    Direction Pr-announcing with Arrival Going

    Opposite Door OperationElevator Lift System

We offer a comprehensive range and all types of passenger elevator which performs efficiently. whether auto door or manually operated doors with variety of aesthetic choices for interior, flooring & false ceiling.

These lifts enhance the beauty of the home/office/factory as they are available in patterns that complement the structure of the house. Our product range is available in numerous shapes and sizes. Small sized these lifts acquired less space and perform steadily. This product is manufactured by the expert pool of team who has worked hard to offer an amazing range of these lifts.Elevator Lift System



    Easy to Install

    Acquires less space

    Smooth operation


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