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    Convex Mirror

     Safety Convex Mirror in Nigeria by HIPHEN SOLUTIONS SERVICES LTD.

    The HIPHEN SOLUTIONS Convex Mirror is great for private and commercial use. It’s excellent for  indoor and outdoor use, with the durable acrylic mirror able to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

    It’s simple to install on any roadside pole for instant benefits and security. We have two options with our traffic mirror, the 600mm (Maximum Observation Distance – 6-7metres) and 800mm (9-11 metres) giving you the ideal solution for any viewing problems. Problems with blind spots and difficult junctions will be solved instantly.

    Each convex mirror comes with an orange protective collar that protects it from harsh weather, minimising the maintenance required for the mirror

    Curved surface gives you the maximum viewing distance possible

    Can be angled allowing you to spot vehicles and pedestrians which would otherwise be out of view

    If you need to see in 2 different direction when moving out onto a road we recommend that you install 2 convex mirrors

    Allows cars to safely pull out onto roads and helps motorists to try and avoid collisions with other vehicles

    The Hiphen Solutions’ Road Side Convex Mirror is simple to install, with a handy pole connector coming free with every traffic mirror. Simply tighten the bracket around any pole and your mirror is installed!

    This convex mirror is useful to minimize the risk of accident that might occur at your workplace. You can also protect your

    valuables and detect thieves from stealing by installing convex corner mirrors in hard-to-see places in your warehouse or retail showroom.

    Safety Traffic Convex Mirror Nigeria


    • Diameter: 450mm
    • Viewing distance up to: 12m
    • Wall mount and 60mm Outdoor post included
    • External grade – Stronger brackets for greater wind tolerance and a visor addition to reduce glare
    • Crystal clear images with expanded field of view
    • Long life, impact-resistant acrylic faces
    • Easy to install
    • Reliable and adjustable mounting brackets
    • Inexpensive security solution with no maintenance required
    • Weatherproof


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