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Canteen Management System

Hiphen Solution Canteen Management System is an automated process starting from placing an order to delivery including the payment.

Canteen Management System allows item tracking, secure and speedy transactions; prevents wastage of food and error in accounting. It helps management to handle the users smoothly thus reducing the waiting time for the users.

Key Benefits Canteen Management System

  • Helps in resource/raw material planning for canteen
  • Prevent food wastage
  • Secure and speedy transactions
  • Reduce administrative work
  • Eliminates human error in accounting
  • Increase efficiency by speeding up the overall process
  • Reports for quick interpretation of consumption
  • Increase user’s satisfaction

Canteen Management System


  • Do away with manual system of maintaining the coupons
  • Instant information at your fingertips for immediate use
  • Supports both Prepaid and post paid methods of accounting
  • Linkage to payroll package for direct debit facility
  • CMS can be implemented in an organization where the employees have cards (any type of identification cards) for unique identification.
  • CMS can be integrated with an existing (or new), Personnel Information system, Time and Attendance System and Access Control System etc.
  • CMS takes care of subsidies provided by the companies to their employees.
  • Manual entry of transactions is feasible.
  • Daily limit on the amount for the usage of canteen facility can be preset.
  • Daily menu creation by the caterer is possible using CMS.
  • Coupons can be used for making transactions.
  • Reduces Wastage of food items.
  • Ease in selection from menu by Caterers.
  • Advance information on the usage of the canteen facilities by the employees on any particular day or shift can be notified to the caterers.
  • Different types of reports can be taken with respect to Employee consumption and with respect to daily sales by the canteen

Canteen Management System

It Helps organizations and canteen administrators keep track of periodic food consumption, prepare food menus, reduce employee order timings, and seamlessly simplify the complete canteen management process.

Features of Canteen Management System

Significantly increase user satisfaction

Automated accounting system eliminates human error

Reduce time & cost of planning

Seamless & Secure cashless transactions

Item-wise consumption of food prevents food wastage and increases productivity.

Easy Customization of Menu

Export Reports in various file formats

Can be integrated with various Time & Attendance systems, Access Control Systems

Reduce queues for Canteens serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Various Type of reports

Canteen Summary Report

Emp type wise Canteen Summary Report

Meal Wise Summary Report

Canteen Punching Report

Visitor Meal Summary Report

Visitor Meal Details Report

On Demand Meal Report

Special Meal Ordered Emp Report

Billing Report

Emp type wise Billing Report

Cost Center wise Billing Report

Special Ordered Meal Report


Manage multiple Staff Canteens (at single or multiple locations) with a central database

Multiple POS terminals in each canteen

Choice of POS Terminals – Time and attendance device, PC with barcode or Proxy card reader, PC with Employee password Authentication

Various modes of employee identification like – Biometric (Fingerprint), Proxy card, Barcode Card, password authentication

Visitor, Guest and contract worker approval workflow – Controlled access to canteen usage

User defined Multiple Canteen coupon print formats

Display current menu on TV terminal

Canteen Management System


Define Menu Items with price and subsidy

Define Multiple Menus – Canteen and Time specific

Time managed Auto menu – for e.g. breakfast menu during 8-10 AM, Lunch Menu during 12 to 2 PM

Usage data regularization

Clubbed menu items – for e.g. “Meals” can have multiple items.

PC-POS Features

Employee or Guest Authentication (by fingerprint, proxy card, barcode card or password)

Menu item selection

Canteen Coupon print


Employee identified by Time and attendance device

Time based Fixed menu coupon printed on network thermal printer


Generate Guest food coupons

Regularisation utility for food usage

Staff, Contract worker, Guest Food usage report

Exception reports like “Employee absent but food consumption”


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