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Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards

    Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards in Nigeria by Hiphen Solutions Services Ltd.

Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards

Automatic Hydraulic Rising bollards are widely used in highway toll stations, checkpoints, prisons, airports, government agencies, embassies, military bases, customs, banks, industrial and mining enterprises, ports, warehouses, parking lots, and all places where vehicle traffic is restricted. The placeman sends instructions through the control system, and the hydraulic transmission enables the roadblock device to quickly ascend and descend. After the vehicle passes, the roadblock is automatically lifted and lowered by the inductive detection automatic command of the roadblock device or the manual button operation; to control the lane, the door is released or closed. To effectively prevent vehicles from forcibly punching cards.

The product adopts hydraulic drive technology for mandatory interception, strong load-bearing and anti-collision capability, simple and flexible operation, hydraulic transmission, stable and fast action, low noise, strong traffic capacity, safe and reliable, strong carrying capacity and stable lifting.

The rising bollards can be used together with the traffic barrier gate, the smart card charging management system and the access control attendance system to form a complete crossing management system. (added according to user requirements)

Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards

We have range of Automatic Rising Bollards that can be installed in a variety of different applications, are robust and a high security method of preventing vehicular access. Our range includes Automatic Bollards with built-in flashing lights that operate during operation, that can extend to a height of over 900mm with operational times of just 4 seconds, dependent upon your requirements.


  1. The structure is sturdy and durable, with large load carrying capacity, stable operation and low noise.
  2. Adopt PLC control, the system running performance is stable and reliable, and easy to integrate.
  3. In the case of power failure or when there is a fault, the vehicle can be manually operated.
  4. Adopting international leading low pressure hydraulic drive technology, the whole system is safe, reliable and stable.

5, remote control device: lift by wireless remote control.

6, swipe control: add a card reader, swipe the card automatically control the lift.

  1. Linkage between the gate and the lifting column: plus control to realize the linkage of the gate, and the access control and the lifting column.
  2. It is controlled by the computer in conjunction with the computer buried system or the charging system.
  3. LED flashing function, flashing warning during the movement of the column, and warning at night.
  4. Sound alarm intermittent alarm sound

Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards

Product Advantages:

Quick and quiet: The fastest time to rise is 35 seconds, which is far greater than the lifting columns of other manufacturers of the same specifications. This is extremely valuable. Because it is hydraulically driven soft and calm.

The structure is unique: the core part of the hydraulic unit and the mechanical power mechanism are integrated design, which can effectively transfer the mechanical energy to the hydraulic drive unit, the action is efficient, and the hydraulic unit achieves the pressure to rise.

Design, excellent performance, is rare in the same field at home and abroad.

Safe and reliable: It can be manually lowered and lifted freely.

Economical problems: Because it is a hydraulic transmission integrated mode, environmental protection and energy saving, low consumption, lower failure rate, longer service life, lower maintenance costs, and non-traditional guide mechanism design

Installation and maintenance is easier and faster.

One or more bollards can be installed and operated together or individually.

Automatic Bollards

Residential & Commercial Bollards City Centre Bollards

Traffic Lane Control & Traffic Limitation Anti Ram Raid Bollards

Control of Pedestrianised Areas

Automatic Rising Bollards

Automatic Rising Bollards provide a neat solution to preventing the passage of vehicles without the requirement for gates and have a minimal impact on the environment, designed to keep traffic away from sensitive areas.

Automatic Bollard Operation

The bollard can be by default either in the raised or lowered positions.

Operation can be via any of the following methods: * Radio Remote Control. * ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition. * Tags Module Attached to Specific Vehicles. * Digital Keypad. * Audio/Video Intercom to manned office anywhere across the globe.

The Hydraulic-Automatic Bollard is normally applied in the government, nuclear power plant, military warehouses, airport and other places to meet high security access control.

The Hydraulic-Automatic bollard can be uniformly controlled through the PCC (PCC=Programmable Control Cabinet) or independently controlled remotely.

Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards


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