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    4G Wireless Internet Router

    We have 4G Wireless Internet Router in stock  with these outstanding features:

    4G Wireless Internet Router

    Wireless Router with SIM


    * Share One 3G Internet to Multiple Users Wireless or Wired at a very fast Speed
    * You don’t need to plug a USB Modem into the Router
    * It has inbuilt 3G Module Inside, all you need is to Insert the Network Operator SIM (MTN, GLO, Zain, Etisalat) Inside.
    * It is easy to Install and does not need an expert
    * It has inbuilt Antenna and Also External Antenna Connector for locations with very poor signal
    * You don’t need to purchase a USB Modem Seperately as it has it inbuilt there by reducing cost and effificency
    * It has in built Wireless LAN and 4 Ethernet Ports for LAN
    * It can be integrated with our QoS switch for bandwidth management
    * We have tested it on a 20 User Cyber cafe Using 2 Units of the Product with each serving 10 Computers



    Home: Can be used for Wireless Home Internet (One Unit Can Cover a Duplex Indoor & Outdoor)

    Office: Can be used by Corporate Bodies, Business Office, Government and NGOS Internet

    Hotels: Can be used for Wireless Internet for Hotels and Restaurants

    Mini Cafe: Can be used for Mini Cyber Cafe’s

    Resellers are also wanted as we have them in large quantity

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