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Video Door Phone

Dedicated to providing customers with top-notch performance VIDEO DOOR PHONES, Hiphen Solutions always focuses on customers satisfaction and puts extra effort into product innovation and improving service.. Protect your family, your home and your assets when you invest in VIDEO DOOR PHONE systems.

Video Door Phones find uses at homes and at places where security threat is high. They are an upgraded version of simple door phones or intercoms that were useful only for audio communication. Video door phones are fitted with cameras to let you see the face of the visitors and help you decide whether they should be allowed to enter the gates.

Video door phone are installed at the entrance of your home and help you speak to the visiting persons without coming near to them. Your home is thus safe from unwanted people and probably, their malicious intention. Some video door phone systems are equipped with features that allow you to transmit signals to the security systems for quick action in case of emergency.