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Electronic Safe

Electronic Safe Box in Nigeria by HIPHEN SOLUTIONS SERVICES LTD

Electronic safes are available with one of three different locking systems to meet the specific needs of any property.

The locking systems include mechanical key operation only, keypad operation only, or combination keypad with magnetic card swipe.

Further, the keypad and keypad/swipe locking systems are available with a manual key override option in Nigeria.


Set Your Own Unique Combination Code

Overriding Emergency Key Included

Concealed, Tamper-Proof Hinges

2 Tiered Design

Wall Mountable

Powder Coated Surface

Pre-Drilled Holes for Mounting

Bolts are Included

Mat Included

Batteries Included

Have peace of mind by storing your valuable belongings in the Electronic Safe! Keep cash, jewellery, medicine and other irreplaceables safe at home, in your office, in your RV or on your boat with this smart electronic safe. Easily program your own unique access code of up to 8 digits, less than 1-in-100 Million chance of ‘guessing’. Dual security system allows keyed or keyless access. Concealed, tamper-proof hinges means it has no visible hardware that can be cut or pried open. This safe is also wall-mountable or secured to the floor using bolt holes (bolts included).




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