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Account/Inventory Software

Hiphen Solutions Accounting and Inventory Management software (AIMs) is the complete business accounting solution to manage company accounting records and stock in real time. This powerful integrated system is used to evaluate company accounting records in systematic manner.

This software is an extensive solution to record all the details of sales and purchase of the product, and simply tracks all the expenses or income details of the Company.

Hiphen Solutions will facilitates and manages all the financial records including Stock, Inventory, General ledgers, Billing, Voucher entries, etc with easy management of customer and vendor with accurate management and prompt analysis of your large, complicated financial data in easiest way.

It will be suite for retailers, wholesalers, warehouses, show rooms, departmental store, service consultants, manufacturers, service vendors, lodging places, schools, offices etc.

Product Features

  • “Software with Ultimately The Best GUI”
  • DASHBOARD for overall information of inventory
  • Key board friendly navigation
  • Complete with two sections;Inventory Management and Accounting
  • In General, two sections are integrated with each other but could be run independently as well
  • Unlimited user, group and Company creation facility as perthe duties and responsibilities with full security
  • Inbuilt Double Entry Book Keeping System
  • Fiscal Year Ending with exact Balance Carry forward Mechanism
  • Powerful data search facility
  • Point Of Sale & Sales return facility
  • Numbers of reports with Graphical Charts
  • Reports can be exported to Word, Excel, HTML, PDF format
  • Bar code scanning facility
  • Nepali Miti Calendar Included.
  • Automatic schedule Data Backup and restore facility
  • Emailing facility to vendor and customers
  • Can be used as standalone application or in network with multiple PCs


  • Management of Products with Categoryand Sub-category
  • Periodic schemes and offer management.
  • Multiple unit conversions available
  • Searching products according to supplier
  • Management of purchasing product WithBatch Information
  • Purchase Return and Sales Return Facility
  • Re-order product from vendors (Purchase Order)
  • Taking & Placing Orders
  • Stock Valuation Technique for Product(FIFO & LIFO)
  • Detailed Stock Ledger for product withmultiple categories, sub-categories and

    batch information

  • Periodic Reports For All Inventory Transactions.
  • Periodic, Monthly and Yearly Graphicalpresentation for Inventory Transactions
  • Track inventory on hand and transactionhistory
  • Track customers & manage inventory
  • Analytical reports to view trends of item sales;useful for sales forecast and ordering goods
  • And much more!


  • Management of general ledgers withaccount groups
  • Opening balance with exact BalanceCarry forward Mechanism for product

    and general ledgers

  • Audit Trails For Tracking User Modificationand Deletion logs Periodically
  • Complete Receivable ManagementSystem with following modules;
    • Debit / Credit Note
    • Party ledger and Outstanding(suppliers / Customers)
    • Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance
    • Party Ledgers, Cash / Bank Voucher
    • Day Book Summary and Journal Voucher
    • Periodic Cash / Bank collection
    • Outstanding Report For Customersand Suppliers
    • Receipt / Payment Register
    • And much more